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Autumn Oaks Lawn and Tree Care, LLC

Exceeding Your Expectaions Is Our Priority

Located in King William, VA
Serving the Metro Richmond area from Powhatan to King and Queen

About Us

My name is Jason Duff. I am the owner and operator at Autumn Oaks. Our mission at Autumn Oaks Lawn and Tree Care, LLC is simple: to provide high-quality services for our valued clients at affordable costs. With nearly 20 years of field experience climbing trees, diagnosing and treating trees, shrubs, and plants along with a total of  25 years of studying my passion in the industry; you can entrust me with confidence to take care of and improve all of your lawn and tree care needs. As an ISA Certified Arborist, CVNLA Certified Horticulturist, with a Forestry degree from Virginia Tech, you will only receive the best service and skills in handling your tree's and plant's needs as well as enhancing your overall landscape. My goal is to  provide you with the same professionalism, skills, knowledge, and experience of a large company, but with the communication, access, and costs of a small local business. For more information or general inquiries, get in touch today.

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Professional Services


Trees / Shrubs

  • Tree Pruning


  • Tree Removal


  • Storm Cleanup

  • Shrub Shaping and Pruning


  • Young Tree Structural Pruning


  • All Ornamental Shaping / Pruning


  • Pest / Disease Diagnostic

  • Pest and Disease Management

  • Holiday Tree Lighting


Lawn Care

  • Complete Lawn Care Program

  • Aeration/Overseeding

  • Lawn Renovations

  • Drainage

*We are not a mowing company!


Landscaping Services

  • Plant Installations/Revonations

  • Mulching

  • Overall Pruning Maintenance

  • Plant Pest/Disease Diagnostic

  • Landscape Design

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